Tackle it Tuesday

The baby countdown is on – I am now talking in terms of weeks instead of months (6-8 weeks left depending if I go early or not).  And I think I have had a whole trimester of nesting instead of just a few days or weeks.

This week I am planning to get some more spring cleaning done since I am done organizing my closets.  I will be doing a light version of my weekly cleaning schedule and everyday I will be adding a spring cleaning task:

Monday: Dust ceilings in bathrooms and Clean Windows/Sliding glass door in Kitchen

Tuesday: Dust ceilings and ceiling fans and clean windows in Bedrooms and flip mattresses

Wednesday: Dust ceilings and ceiling fan and clean out fridge in Kitchen

Thursday: Dust Ceilings in hallway and ceiling fan in living room and clean Windows

Friday: Clean oven in Kitchen; Clean out car

Saturday: Transfer movies from mini DVD to DVDs

This is my plan for the week.  I don’t plan on doing too many outside activities except for my bi-weekly doctor’s appointment and I also have my dental cleaning this week.

UPDATE:  I did not do the ceilings in the bathroom so I am adding that to tomorrow, but I did do the window and sliding glass door in the kitchen/dining room area.

How about you, have you done any spring cleaning or organizing recently?

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