*Scroll down to see my weekly menu from my latest OAMC.

Hopefully you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  My husband made me lunch and cleaned up the dishes and put the kids down for a nap.  I was able to just relax for the afternoon which was so wonderful – so thank you Mr. Extraordinary!

Jam and closet organization 028

I don’t really like buying cold cereal but I have been doing that lately.  So I am trying to get myself back on track with not eating and buying cold cereal (not that it is bad).  So I am going to try a breakfast schedule since my cleaning schedule seems to work why not?  I know a lot of people make and freeze muffins, and I have done that but my kids don’t love muffins and I don’t love the mess they make with them.  So you won’t see muffins on the menu.

And I could do overnight baked oatmeal, but I have found that my son doesn’t like it (and I really don’t love it myself).

Monday – Pancakes or waffles (I like pancakes, my husband likes waffles).  I plan to make the batter up Sunday night to be ready for Monday morning!  I also plan to double or triple the recipe to freeze some leftovers.  I like to add pumpkin or blueberries too.  I use the recipe in my Betty Crocker cook book.

Tuesday – Eggs and bacon (I usually bake my bacon in the oven and freeze whatever we don’t eat for later) and bananas

Wednesday – Smoothies (Green, peanut butter, berry any would work) and peanut butter toast

Thursday To Try: Oatmeal Pancakes (started the night before) and/or yogurt and homemade almond coconut granola

FridayReally Easy Breakfast Casserole (made up the night before and refrigerated), serve with fruit

Saturday Clone of a Cinnabon cinnamon rolls (made the night before) or homemade donuts and fruit OR biscuits and gravy and eggs (if my husband requests it)

Sunday Peanut butter oaties (breakfast cookies) and bananas – I need a quick and easy meal before church (or on our way to church)

And now, here is my week 2 of Session 3 of OAMC (changed up a bit):

Leftover Roast made into sandwiches from Sunday dinner, leftover potatoes and veggies

Beef Noodle bake and green beans

Burrito Pie, Spanish rice and corn Cooking Club Meal

Marinated steak, baked ranch potatoes and corn

Homemade pizza and salad

Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and salad (using cooked and frozen chicken and then just make the Alfredo sauce and cook the noodles)

For other menu ideas, please visit Laura at Org Junkie.