Well, helllllloooooooo, I haven’t been posting very regularly because I have been living life and it has been a little busy.  This past week I had some family over and we made some jam (visit my cute cousin’s blog if you would like to see details – but ignore my giant 8 month pregnant self).

Today I made homemade scalloped potatoes (again my cousin gave me the idea with her recipe).

Tomorrow I am cooking dinner for my wonderful step mom who I call T.  I don’t even like to use the word(s) “step mom” because she is so much more to me than that, but there just isn’t a good word out there to describe her and all of the things she has done for me and taught me.

Then on Mother’s Day I am making dinner for my mother.

My parents are divorced (as you may have guessed), but I always have said that I had the best situation even though they were divorced.  I learned so much from my mother and “T” both.  My mother taught me independence and to study hard and to go to college.  She was an example of hard work and she is my model of organization!  She was THE BEST when we were sick.  She took such good care of us.  Even now if I am sick she would come over and help take care of me or my kids.  Seriously, just a few months ago when my son threw up, I attempted to try to clean it up.  But then I threw up because I was pregnant and nauseous.  I called my mom and she came right over and cleaned up my son’s throw up for me – now that is love!

She worked very hard so that all of us (3 kids) could go to a Christian school.  She went to EVERY SINGLE ONE of my games when I was a cheerleader from seventh grade until my senior year.  If she ever missed a game, I honestly don’t remember it.

My step mom taught me so much about being domestic.  She ALWAYS says she can’t cook, but we love her cooking.  It is very simple, but very good.  She makes the best mashed potatoes ever!  My husband loves her deviled eggs.  She is where I learned to love to cook.  She taught me to sew.   She was so creative with us when we were little.  She would make our birthday cakes.  She would pack us the best picnic lunches.  She made the simplest things fun.  My dad always said that we did not have a lot of money back when we were growing up, but my brother and I never had any idea we were almost poor.  My step mom was so creative and we had a lot of fun that we NEVER knew we weren’t the richest kids ever.  I think that is a great gift.

I also had amazing grandparents and now I have an amazing mother-in-law.  I am incredibly grateful for the mothers and mother figures that God has placed in my life.

Philippians 1:3 -I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

Mothers are absolutely one of the Finer Things in Life!