I have a new best friend.  My friend doesn’t say anything.  My friend listens very well and works really hard.  My friend even helped me get my shower spotless and my kitchen sink clean.  I love my friend.  I really do.

My new friend is the cleaner, Bar Keepers Friend.  I live in an area that has hard water and my shower, no matter how hard I cleaned, still looked dingy until just a few days ago.  I used Bar Keepers Friend and it was AMAZING!  Truly, it cleaned off all of the hard water stains.  It really was awesome.


I went to the website and the website says that Bar Keepers Friend contains no harsh chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

So sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but you have to know that I have tried SO MANY cleaners to get this shower clean.  I was constantly complaining to my husband that I just wanted a whole new shower and tub (he was glad that a cleaner that cost under $2.00 is now saving him from all of the work replacing our tub).

So, what really works for me this week is my new friend – the Bar Keepers Friend!  For what works for others, please visit We Are That Family.