We “rented” Flubber (the Robin Williams version) because we thought it would be a family-friendly film.  Well, it was after the first 20 minutes or so.  My advice would be to NOT rent that one.  I have The Absent-Minded Professor on my NetFlix queue so we can see the original which I am sure will be much more family friendly.

Anyway, my husband got this family night started and I was so thrilled with him.  We got the movie ready and then he took our 3 year-old son into the kitchen and together they popped popcorn on the stove.  I melted the butter and we all got settled in for our family movie night (we have NEVER done one before).

Well, both kids (our toddler and preschooler) sat on daddy’s lap and they were pretty good, but not too still.  We watched almost all of the movie except the last 20 minutes or so.

I decided that since we watched the movie together that the next day (Monday) my son and I would make Flubber together.

My son pouring the mixture

My son pouring the mixture

Well, we made this gooey stuff and he loved it.  He squished it and said it looked like a brain.  He did all kinds of crazy stuff with it and played with it for almost half an hour!

Flubber!  We were trying to make it red but it came out pink

Flubber! We were trying to make it red but it came out pink

So, I want to start this series called Family Fun Friday to come up with fun things (and cheap things) that you and your family can do together.  I don’t have teenagers so my ideas will probably be geared toward the younger set.  This is also a way to challenge me to come up with ideas to have ready for our family fun nights.

So tonight’s idea is pretty much from above.  Rent the Absent Minded Professor, pop some homemade popcorn and then gather round the kitchen table and make yourselves some homemade flubber!

And please share with me any family fun ideas that you have done that have been successful.

For more Frugal Friday ideas, please see Life as a Mom.

Also, if you are looking for family-friendly films and not sure where to go, I try to read reviews at Plugged In which is part of Focus on the Family.  Obvioulsy I didn’t read the review for Flubber beforehand.