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I first blogged about this when I posted my cleaning schedule.  We have set up a system with the help of the Maxwell’s book – Manager of their Chores.  My son is almost 4 years old.  We set up a schedule of Daily Chores and Weekly Chores.  In addition to his chores we do weekly Bible verse memorization, daily phonics lessons and daily Bible reading.  We have only set up daily morning chores.  I am still trying to decide on actual set lunchtime and evening time chores.


Daily chores:

1.  Set table for Breakfast (and then eat breakfast)

2.  Brush Teeth

3.  Read Bible Story and go over weekly verse to memorize

4.  Get Dressed

5.  Make Bed

6.  Pick up Room

These are his 6 daily chores.  He also does other things during the day to help.  He sets the table and helps me pick up the house.   Usually he helps with whatever I ask him to although not always cheerfully (which we are working on as well).

As far as his weekly chores goes, it goes along with my weekly chores from my cleaning schedule.

Monday: Bathrooms

Take rugs to washer, wipe down sink and baseboards, empty trash

Tuesday: Bedroom

Dust baseboards, pick up, help vacuum, help with mirrors

Wednesday: Kitchen/Laundry room/Dining room

Child does: Help wipe down cabinets, dust baseboards, wipe off washer & dryer

Thursday: Living room/Hallway

Help clean mirrors, vacuum with small vacuum, wipe light switches

Friday: Miscellaneous

Help with wiping down bathrooms, take out trash or help clean out car


This is what is working for us right now.  We give him $0.25 per smiley face per week.  We make him take 10% for church, 10% for savings and the rest he is allowed to spend, but the final decision is made by us and we definitely guide him in this decision.  Obviously this will probably change in the future but it is what we are doing right now.  Also, feel free to leave any comments and let me know what you do as far as a chore chart or cleaning system.

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UPDATE:  Regarding making my chart (thanks for asking Klutzymama), I made it myself.  The chore cards I made from the “kit” that came from the book Managers of Their Chores.  I just purchased a poster board.  I then drew a grid on the board using a yard stick.  I printed days of the week, smiley faces (and sad faces) and the “daily, weekly and so on” and then I bought clear contact paper and covered each of the pieces of paper with contact paper so it would last longer.  I actually haven’t used the “sad” faces.  I just leave the square blank if he doesn’t do it, but we may use them in  the future.  I just got the smiley faces from Clip Art.  I also purchased sticky velcro and everything is stuck on the board with the velcro.  I just use sticky tac to put the smiley faces on though.