I am so glad Tammy at Tammy’s Recipes is doing this because I did not get in on it when Crystal was doing it.  I have been working on making my home a haven for a few weeks now and have established a cleaning schedule, but today’s assignment was to list 5 things you do each morning that you can call your morning routine.  So here are my five things:

1.  Make coffee and sit down to do my devotions and go over my verses to memorize.

2.  Put away clean dishes, start a load of laundry.

3.  Wake children, get son started on his morning routine

4.  Make, eat and clean up breakfast

5.  Read Bible story to kids and then go over to do list for the day

Somewhere in there I do get a shower and get ready for the day, but that either happens first thing or right after my weekly chores are done.  What a blessing it has been to have some order and structure in my day and to stay home and accomplish this.  My son actually said to me today, “Mommy, you forgot to read my Bible story.”  We were going through his Chore cards and I had not come to that one yet, but it was the next one in line so he is learning too!