Well, here is my cleaning schedule since Lindsey said she wanted to see it (it is all for you Lindsey).  This is probably going to evolve and change, but right now it is working wonderfully.  Next week I plan to add some monthly to do things into my weekly but for right now I am working on just being consistent.  Also, today is day 2 of No Soda.  We don’t really have any in the home (except my husband’s Dr. Pepper which I think taste like the can anyway!).  But we did go to my dad’s tonight and they had Coke and I was oh so tempted, but I did not give in.

Onto the topic at hand, here is my cleaning schedule.  In italics below are the jobs for my son to do.  He has been doing pretty well, not a whole lot of complaining.  Tonight he took a $1.00 with him because we were going to Rural King to buy some seed potatoes and he decided to pick out some watermelon gum to buy with his $1.00.  So, he earned it so we let him buy it.

Monday: Bathrooms

Clean shower, toilet, sink

Wipe down fixtures and baseboards

Clean mirror and lights


Change towels

Launder rugs and shower curtain as needed

Child does: Take rugs to washer, wipe down sink and baseboards, empty trash

Tuesday: Bedroom

Pick up

Dust fans and furniture

Launder sheets

Dust baseboards and ceiling

Clean mirrors


Child does: Dust baseboards, pick up, help vacuum, help with mirrors

Wednesday: Kitchen/Laundry room/Dining room

Wipe down appliances and cabinets

Clean counters

Dust computer and computer armoire

Dust baseboards and ceiling

Wipe off washer and dryer

Sweep and mop floor

Shine sink

Child does: Help wipe down cabinets, dust baseboards, wipe off washer & dryer

Thursday: Living room/Hallway

Dust pictures, etc. (baseboards and fans as needed)

Clean hallway mirrors

Wipe fixtures and light switches

Sweep and mop floor

Vacuum rug

Child does: Help clean mirrors, vacuum with small vacuum, wipe light switches

Friday: Miscellaneous

Pick up house

Wipe down bathrooms

Sweep and vacuum floors if needed

Clean out car

Organizing projects

Child does: Help with wiping down bathrooms, take out trash or help clean out car

I have just started throwing in a load of laundry in the morning everyday and just finishing one or two per day.  So far this has been working.  We do the sheets on Tuesday (bedroom day).

And below is a picture of my little girl’s Easter dress.  I have to take it in because it is a little big.  She is in the 18-24 months and the pattern was a 2 so I knew it would be just a little big.  It isn’t fancy and I am NOT a seamstress but I think it is cute.  I am making a skirt (hopefully this weekend) of the same material.


This staying home has made me really productive (I hate it when my husband’s right – just kidding).  Hopefully I will keep it up!  Tomorrow I plan to post my next OAMC meal plan if you want to see it.

Have a great day!