I already know how different boys are from girls since I now have one of each.  My sweet little girl (who is not even 1 1/2) loves books.  She will pick one up over toys.  She will just be surrounded by them.  She will go get them and bring them to me or my husband for us to read to her.  She could sit and listen to us read for long periods of time.

Now my son NEVER picked up a book for me to read to him.  He never wanted me to read him a book.  I kind of have to bribe and cajole him to read especially now that he is older and there are so many other things he wants to do.

My son doesn’t like to sit still and do book work or “learn” things.  I am learning to try to keep things brief and to try to hold his interest if I want to teach him anything.  It is odd the colors he knows and doesn’t know.  It is weird the letters he recognizes and the ones that he does not.

I know he will be a challenge should I decide to homeschool him, but I am actually excited about that challenge.  My husband is not so sure.  He thinks that he might need someone besides his mother teaching him.  He is only 3 1/2, but it is something I am constantly thinking about.

My question is – how did any of you mothers start homeschooling your boys?  I know it is a bit early for school, but I would like for him to be able to recognize his letters and at least know ALL of his colors.  He gets blue and purple mixed up and also orange and red.  And for some reason he always says that black is white.  We did some color blind testing online, but he is not color blind (we don’t think).

Anyway, I am 100% for whatever is simple and actually works.  So, tell me any tips and tricks you have for teaching younger boys, please and thank you!