Yesterday was weird (for a lot of reasons), but mostly because while my kids were napping in the late afternoon I found myself with some down time?!  I know.  It just seemed to sneak up on me out of the blue.  I mean since I have my menu planned I wasn’t doing any dinner prep.  I had cleaned the bathroom and the living room and helped my son pick up his room.  I had worked on a few other things and so I sat down in my chair looking around.

As I was cleaning my bathroom earlier that day something jumped out at me that was in the medicine cabinet.  It was nail polish.  I haven’t seen nail polish in a long time (on my fingernails).  I honestly cannot remember the last time I painted my nails.  I know it has to have been over a year or more.  I am usually not still long enough to paint my nails.  I can hardly wait for the polish to dry.

So, with a few minutes of some new found time, I . . . painted my nails!  Here is a picture to prove it: