Why is it so bad to buy juice?  I have two good friends that do NOT buy juice nor do they give their kids juice.  I read this post about how she doesn’t give her kids juice.  I understand that juice can be expensive and that it can be sugary, but I feel like I need someone to give me a compeling argument about why I should not buy juice nor give my children juice.

The only juice I buy is orange juice and apple juice.  I water down my children’s juice with half water and I have done that since my son was old enough to drink juice.  Is it really  that detrimental to their health and your pocketbook?  I guess I just don’t understand it.  So could someone explain it to me?  Don’t just say juice cost money and water is paid for and they have to have milk for nutrition.

I buy frozen juice and mix it with water (something I learned from my mother-in-law).  I understand not giving your children soda that is  a no brainer and I also understand that they should eat real fruit instead of juice, but can they not have juice once a day?

I’m not trying to offend just trying to understand.  Maybe if someone gives me a very compelling argument I may let my children go juice-free.  My son doesn’t care for just water, but I make him drink it between meals or he goes without and my daughter would rather have water than juice so no problems there.

Anyway, what works for you in the juice department?

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Wow, thank you all for your comments.  I will definitely take them into consideration!  I appreciate you sharing with me what works for you!