I am not too thrilled with my blender (but it is a garage sale blender so . . . ).  I decided to try to make a smoothie with my food processor.  I threw in strawberries (fresh and frozen), a chopped apple, half a banana, frozen blueberries and some grated carrots.  I added a little bit of honey and some orange juice.


I also added in a little flax seed.  Anyway, it worked very well.  I just had to be careful when I was done.  I had to scoop some out with a spoon.  I thougth the smoothie was pretty good, and here is what my daughter thought of it:


Yes, she does have bed head, but as you can see she loved her smoothie.  She got a little upset when I took it from her.

So my tip is to make your kitchen appliances do double duty.  I am sure we all do this to an extent.  Who needs a smoothie maker?

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