We had a ladies gathering at our church.  Our pastor’s wife passed out a sheet and showed us how she had made her own neck gaiter.  I had never heard of a neck gaiter, but she is from Minnesota.  Anyway, she got the instructions from here.

When my husband saw it he definitely wanted me to make him one (or two) and so I did.  He even helped me pick out the material and drawstring at Joanne’s.  Anyway, if you read on the instructions how to make it; that is basically how I made mine.

I did change a few things though.  I  made the pieces bigger.  The original “pattern” said to make it 23″ x 13″.  My pastor’s wife made her’s 23″ x 16″ and I made mine 23″ x 18″.  She also made a casing in it to put a drawstring so it could be worn as a neck gaitor or you could pull the draw string and wear it as a hat.  Don’t you love double duty.  I seem not to have a picture of the one I made.  I will have to find it.  Here is a picture of me measuring the pieces:


One other IMPORTANT thing when using fleece – feel your fleece and see which side it stretches from.  You will want to make sure you cut it correctly because fleece stretches ONE way.  You will want it to be stretchy so you can fit it over your head.  Just a little tip from me to you.  It may seem obvious to others, but it takes me a little longer!  These were SUPER easy to make and my husband seemed to like it.  We can definitely use one now!