I love pizza and lately I have been making more and more homemade pizza.  I have tried several pizza crusts and sauce recipes.  I now want to document  each one I try and hopefully after a few weeks of doing this I will be able to narrow down my favorites.

Here are the doughs and sauces that I have tried and liked:

50’s Housewife pizza dough

Alton Brown’s pizza dough

Easy Pizza Sauce I

Papa John’s copycat pizza sauce

So far that is the extent of my list.  I do have a few whole wheat crusts that I like but my family does not so I will try some different ones of those as well.

Each week I plan to try a dough and sauce and have a taste testing with my and my family.  We will take pictures and try to rate it on a 10 point scale.

I know you all cannot stand the suspense.  Anyway, if you would like to see my menu this week click here.  Anyway, have a great week!