pledgeMy husband insisted that I blog about this.  He left for a doctor’s appointment today and while he was gone I was trying to find something to clean the wood floors with.  I decided to try Pledge.  So honestly, I got down on my hands and knees and sprayed pledge all over my living room floor and the hallway.  Well, my kids don’t like to wear socks at home so I don’t make them and I had on my house slippers that have non skid bottoms.   So, we didn’t really have a problem until my husband got home.

First I told him how there was a leak under the sink.  He wasn’t thrilled.   Then he steps into the living room and nearly kills himself.  Again, not so thrilled.  He then lectured me on why I should not use pledge to clean the floors.  Then he fixed the leak.  What a man that Mr. Extraordinary!

I pledge to never again use Pledge on my hardwood floors!