You probably have heard by now that Obama is going to give an executive order to shut down Gitmo as soon as he can figure out what to do with the detainees.  Yes, I have been watching 24 lately which usually gets me going in general.  And after reading this article on MSNBC I am just thinking about the craziness of it all.

If you watch the first few minutes you will see a small portion of the senate questioning.

At least click on the above article and skim it.  It kills me how you can define torture as insulting the detainee’s mother and sister and making the detainee wear thong underwear on his head.  I would rather our men who are captured are tortured this way than beheaded – how about you?

I know that 24 is a fictional show, but in some ways it is true.  The UN (United Nations), the Geneva Convention – come on – only the actual law-abiding countries actually do what the UN asks and follow the Geneva Convention.  Terrorists or criminals are never going to follow the law are do what is right.  It is just like the gun laws.  People that own and register their guns will follow the law.  But there are always people out there who have guns that obtain them illegaly and use them for illegal purposes.

We can’t be pansies when it comes to dealing with terrorists.  We will be seen as weak and helpless.  It is what it is and it isn’t pretty.  Can you tell where I stand on this issue?