dsc00315I am not sure having this blog was the best idea.   My husband, Mr. Extraordinary (as he refers to himself when not refering to himself as a war hero – 11 months served in the Persian Gulf), has asked that I write a post telling everyone how I nagged, begged, cajoled him for at least a week now to find my maternity clothes – my pants aren’t fitting!  I asked him to look in the tubs in the shed because I KNEW they had to be out there.  And since I don’t like to  go outside in the cold nor should I use a ladder to get the tubs down, my husband finally kindly got them down for me – and guess what?  They were not in there.

But I did find them . . . in the house in a tub in my daughter’s bedroom – if only my label maker hadn’t run out of labels!  Arg, so honey, I’m so sorry I harassed you for all of these this week to get the tubs out of the shed.  But at least now you know what is in them.