soap-boxI just would like to comment on what a bad job we Christians (myself included) have done here in America.  I am talking with my sister-in-law about the Bible.  She was born in America and grew up here in America and she knows nothing about the Bible.  I mean is it not sad that a country that was founded because people wanted religous freedom from the King of England have let our country slip so far down that we have so many thousands of people that barely know who Jesus is let alone what he did.

Also, my sister-in-law finds Creation very difficult to believe because evolution was drilled into her head in school.   WAKE UP PEOPLE!  We are so not doing our jobs here, not at all.  So get your booty out of your comfort zone and start praying and then start talking and make sure you know what you are talking about (Bible study).  I am chastising myself as well as all of you, but this is America.  I mean there is a televangelist on at least 5 channels.  You would think that a person could know something about God, but really “they” have done a great job of taking God out of everything so you actually have to search to find him because the only mention of him that you would hear in schools is probably the mention of His name in vein.

There is my soapbox for the day.  Feel free to join me or knock me off – either way.

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