I was tagged by Jennifer at Getting Ahead to list 7 things about me.  Here are the rules:

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So here are 7 random things about me:

1.  I have always wanted lots and lots and lots and lots of children.  I think about 7-10 was what I always thought (but I got a late start).

2.  I have this weird thing about numbers.  If my husband asks me how long it takes to get somewhere I will say something like 7-9 minutes.  I can’t bring myself to say 5 or 10 because it is definitely going to be greater than 5, but probably less than 10.  I also do this when I heat things up in the microwave.  I will put the time on like 2:53 instead of 3 minutes or instead of 2:30 or something.  I know it is weird and my husband constantly makes fun of me for it.

3.  I have never wanted to do anything else in this world besides be a stay-at-home mom.

4.  I spent most of 2 years out of 4 years of marriage without my husband.  He was in the National Guard and was called up stateside for his first active duty.  He was only about 75 miles from where I lived, but I still only got to see him on weekends.  This was one year after we got married.  The second time he did go overseas for 11 months.

5.  I am allergic to cats and (please don’t hate me) I think that they are kind of evil.  Yes, I know, my sister has a cat that she adores and other people have them that I know (like my sweet mother-in-law), but I have an unnatural fear of them and they creep me out – so sorry all you cat lovers out there.  I am just more of a dog person.

6.  I had two horses when I was growing up.  They actually lived at my grandparents house, but since I was there literally almost every weekend of my entire life I felt like they were mine.  I named one Sugar and my little sister named the other one Ponytail (isn’t that cute).  I think I named the one Sugar because I was always feeding her sugar cubes.

7.  My husband and I met at Wal-mart (we both worked there).  My grandpa said, “Well, you can find everything at Wal-mart”.

So, I don’t think I am going to tag others, but please leave me a comment and tell me some random things about yourself.  I don’t want to be the only one telling all my crazy secrets!