You can see last week’s menu here.  I didn’t get to the salmon cakes so we are going to try them this week.


Lemon Pepper Chicken, ranch roasted potatoes, yellow squash and zuccini

Freezer meal

Homemade chicken pot pie and a salad

Chili or Homemade pizza

Salmon Cakes and salad

I got more apples from the man that we got apples from previously. I took him an apple pie and he was so happy that he gave me two more sacks of apples and told me to come and pick some more.  So this week I think I am going to make and can some apple butter.

I am also going to make and can some pumpkin butter this week.  It just sounds wonderful.

Oh, and I wanted to add that I am trying out Spelt bread in my bread maker this morning.  In my Bible reading I am reading about the Life of Moses in Exodus (for my BSF).  Well, I read this verse:

“The wheat and spelt, however, were not destroyed, because they ripen later.” Ex. 9:32

I really have no point except to say that I thought it was neat that I read that and also am making Spelt bread.  And Heidi likes to make fun of me for making “things only people in the 1700’s would make”, but really I am making “things people made in 2000 BC” – ha, just kidding.

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