Let me just say first that I am not getting paid to write this.  Have you ever heard of HouseParty.com?  It is basically a party you throw to advertise certain items.  I did their Fisher Price Party a few months ago.  You received 4 brand new Fisher Price toys valued at between $45 and $65.  You also received 10 little toys to give out to your guests.  It was a lot of fun.  You invited parents and their kids over to play with the toys and then you did a survey at the end to see how the children enjoyed the toys.

Well, I decided to sign up for another one.  This one is a Saturn House Party.  You get to drive around a new Saturn for a few days.  You also get a few other goodies.  I get to drive around in a new Saturn Outlook (no, Amy, it is not my new car).  It has a DVD player in it and also Cable.  My husband joked that we have more channels in our vehicle than we do in our house (true).  We also got a $25.00 gas gift card and other goodies to hand out to our friends including $20.00 off an oil change.

There really is no “catch” to these parties except that they do have your e-mail address and ask you to fill out a survey.  I haven’t been bothered by them after my Fisher Price party.  So, I don’t expect for them to e-mail me weekly or anything.

If you would like to apply for a party, just go to their website and pick a party you might like to throw.  It is always fun to learn about new products AND to get free stuff!

Let me know if you have been to or thrown one of these parties.

And you can see my Thankful Thursday post on Heidi’s blog regarding this party too.