Perhaps you read my post concerning boys.  Well, I have one and he is three.  I am searching for ways to keep him busy and creative without turning on the TV.  I had read this on Capturing Today a while back and thought I would try it.  I googled Preschool Activity Bags and there was a good list.

One activity that works well and keeps him busy for a while in the kitchen while I am in the kitchen is dried beans.  I know, but I take a baking pan that is about 2 inches deep and pour the beans in there and give him a few spoons and measuring cups and he loves this.  I do make him help me sweep the floor when he is done because I don’t want my one year old to swallow any beans.

I just made 4 “activity bags” this week only I used clear plastic boxes.  One of them was made of a rolling pin and things like that to play with play dough.  This works well too.

I also got beads and pipe cleaners to do, but we haven’t done that yet.

I do let him put water in the sink and “wash” dishes, but I usually have to stop that because he likes to use A LOT of water.

So, my question is do you have some ideas for me?  What has worked with your little guys?

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