As I have said before I am trying to cook with more all natural ingredients.  I joined a buying club and here is this month’s purchases totaling (gulp) $118.26.  I should say that my goal each month is to spend under $150.00 for my buying club.  That allows me $25-$35 a week to buy fruits, vegetables, milk and a few other things.  I have stocked up on flour, sugar and other necessary pantry items so each month I will just replenish the things I am running out of and try a few new things.  Here is this month’s break down:

Tea Tree Oil – $3.99

Ground free range Turkey – $3.71 each (4 lbs) totalling – $13.05

Lavender Essential oil – $5.65

Spelt Flour (10 lbs.) – $18.82

Tahini – $16.13 (3 jars at 9.6 oz. each)

Turkey Bacon – $10.87 (3 packages)

Coconut Oil – $23.06 ( 54 oz.)

Canned Salmon from Alaska – $26.02

So, what can I do with let’s say Coconut Oil?  Well, Lindsay from Passionate Homemaking has several uses:

Coconut Oil!

Lotion/Moisturizer – a little dab will do you! Scoop out and rub on your skin. Sweet fragrance as well. I have replaced all my miscellaneous lotions with this one product!

Aftershave – I told my husband he just had to try it as an aftershave, and low and behold it worked. I love using it as well after shaving those sensitive areas. Calms and refreshes.

Other uses I have had success with:Deodorant

Cooking uses:

replacing oil/butter/shortening in baked goods
melting and adding to smoothies
greasing pans with it

*  *  *  *  *

*I personally have used it as a replacement for shortening and for frying and it has worked well.  We have tried it as a lotion for our hands and it works wonderfully for this as well.

Tahini is used as a replacement for peanut butter and in different spreads.

And other things I have been doing this week:

Make fruit leather from applesauce in my food dehydrator.  Um, well, I dehydrated it a little to long and it was more like shoe leather – ha!

And I started a sourdough starter – we will see where that goes:

And, my husband has requested some clean laundry, so I must go use the washing machine now.

Oh, and my dad has put in an order for some homemade breakfast sandwiches so he can stop going to McDonalds and Hardees every morning.  So I will also be doing that today – after the laundry is done.  You have to have priorities.

I also started BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this week.  I am really enjoying this because the only book you need to study is – THE BIBLE!  Of course it is my first week, but I hope to keep going.  Thanks Lindsey!