This week we are suppose to have at least one family favorite meal.  Go to for more tasty menus and other family favorite recipes.  We actually have family favorite meals a lot.  If you would like to see last week’s menu, please visit here.  I think it was a little too ambitious for me since I just started working from home a few hours a day and I also had my sister’s bridal shower to throw.  So, I did not get it all done.  I did my own version of the oven fried chicken and potatoes and this is one of my husband’s favorite meals.


Baked Oatmeal – a different recipe from the one I usually make, but a good one.

Fruit Smoothies – to have and freeze also

Yogurt, granola and fruit- I have to make more yogurt this week!

Eggs and Toast

Blueberry pancakes – from the freezer that I made earlier


Leftovers from the weekend

Chicken nuggets, fruit and veggies

Cheese Quesadillas, fruit and veggies

Cheeseburger soup and applesauce

Mini Pizzas and salad


Meatloaf (family favorite), mashed potatoes and green beans

Chicken Alfredo Pasta with broccoli – My husband’s favorite.  I cut up and cook chicken and toss it with the Alfredo sauce, some kind of pasta and cooked broccoli.

Crock pot Chicken and Dumplings

Breakfast for dinner – Biscuits and Gravy, eggs and maybe some bacon (turkey)

Homemade Pizza and breadsticks – I already have the dough in the freezer

So, I am repeating some of this from last week and this week I will get to it because I have less going on.

Since Monday is also laundry and baking day, here are the homemade things I am making for the week:

Homemade Soft Butter Spread

Homemade Low Calorie Potato Chips

Homemade Graham Crackers – yes, I know I haven’t made them yet, but I keep forgetting to buy parchment paper.

Yogurt and Cream Cheese – I need to make some more. I should note that I actually bring the milk to 180 degrees and then let it cool to 110 degrees before adding the yogurt starter.  I also add 1/4 cup of dry milk powder to make the yogurt thicker.

Laundry Detergent – Yes, it is not food, but I stick this on my fridge as a “To Do” list so I am putting it on here.  I must hurry though, laundry day is tomorrow!  By the way, my aunt got 55 loads from this recipe.  I haven’t counted yet, but I am going to this time.

From the breadmaker (my recipes are from my breadmakers instruction booklet):

Cinnamon Bread (my mamaw has requested this)


One last thing, coming this week, I will be posting my menu plan for my version of Once A Month Cooking.  I will actually be cooking for a week to eat for a month.  I will post my plan, then my grocery list and then the way I plan to execute it.  So stay tuned . . .