I am going to recap some of things from my tab titled “Do It Yourself“.  I have talked about being self-reliant and I am a BIG believer in being self-reliant (well, God-reliant first and then self-reliant).  There are several things that I have not done yet, like make my own pasta.  I also haven’t made my own sandwich wraps.  I do make my own laundry detergent and I have for several months now.  People, this is so easy to do.  I am just imploring you to try it for a month.  It really does work and it really does get your clothes clean.

Regarding using paper towels, I do still use paper towels, but not as much as I use to.  I have said before that I used this system to lessen my use of them.

If you have read my blog very much, you know I make my own yogurt and cream cheese.  I haven’t been doing it for a long time, but again, it is so easy.  The only thing I do differently is that I heat my milk to 180 degrees because that is what several other websites say to do.  I then let it cool to 110 degrees before I mix it.  I also add 1/4 cup of dry milk powder to thicken it because homemade yogurt is thinner than store bought yogurt.

I also made my own Swiffer duster refill and, yes, I do use it to dust.  When I make another one, I will shorten it just a bit.

I have not yet ran out of my Swiffer Floor Clean wet cloths, but when I do I am going to do this.

My next thing to try is homeade Fabric Softener.  I am almost out so I am waiting until I am out to make it.

Those are a few of things that I do to be frugal, to be “green”, to be self-reliant!

Please, leave me a comment and tell me what things that you do.  I am always looking for new ideas.  Have a great weekend!

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