I finally have finalized my pantry/staples list. Now, of course I will still be updating and changing, but I have at least accomplished this much. If you would like to check it out, please go here. I also put the prices, amount and place that I purchased the product. I am just starting a lot of bulk buying so several things don’t have prices yet.

I have only started reading blogs just this year. But I read several that caught my attention right away and I wanted to know more about them. The ones that really interested me were Passionate Homemaking, Frugal Granola and Heavenly Homemakers. These blogs all said several things that were similar. They talked of items I had never heard of – Stevia, Rapadura, Kefir and others. They talked of soaking grains. I wondered where they received their information from. So I did some more research. I finally checked out Nourishing Traditions from the library. I looked into joining a buying club. I believe they all order from Azure Standard, but Azure doesn’t deliver east of the Mississippi so I had to find my own.

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking. I really wanted to make a change from buying packaged goods to making my own. When I saw what these ladies could do in a kitchen I was truly amazed. They made their own butter and yogurt – whoever heard of doing that? Well, again after doing more research I saw how truly doable this was. I mean, my grandparents had eaten very similar to this except for the yogurt and kefir. So, my husband is being patient with me while I try to figure this process out. He sometimes wishes we could go back to Hamburger Helper.

I started very simply. As I have said before I started by just buying real butter. I then started looking into organic produce. Right now, I try to buy whole natural foods. I am learning more all of the time. I have not got into soaking grains (Heavenly Homemakers has a great post on how to start) but I will be looking more into that as I find out more about it. I guess my kitchen tip would be that if you have thought about changing the way you are buying or making food start today. Start small. Make a change one day a week. Say, starting this Monday, I am going to . . . bake my own bread, make my own yogurt, make a double batch of something and freeze one batch.

Let me know how you are doing and what you are doing because I am new to all of this too!

And for more interesting kitchen tips, please visit Tammy at Tammy’s Recipes.