As I have said before, I am trying lots of new recipes in an effort to make things myself. This week I have tried quite a few things. I have taken pictures of some. I am only going to list the ones that turned out well, my family liked and that I would recommend. I am still working on more recipes and trying out several. I am hoping to try Tammy’s pizza sauce recipe tomorrow with the tomatoes from my garden.

First off, Italian Cheese Bread from Tammy’s recipes was so good. It was pretty easy. I made it to go along with my chicken Alfredo pasta and my canned green beans (which were also good by the way). I HIGHLY recommend this recipe.

I made 50’s Housewife’s Homestead Biscuits. They were pretty much a hit.

I have been searching and searching for bread recipes and I have finally found a white sandwich bread recipe that looks and tastes a lot like store bought, but it is a white bread recipe so I will use it, I just prefer a whole wheat recipe. But I am still working on it so I won’t share the recipe yet. If anyone has a bread recipe that looks and tastes like store bought (for my husband), please share! Here is one I am going to try next.

Now, drum roll please, I finally did it. I have been wanting to do it for months – I made my own yogurt and cream cheese!!!! I have researched and researched recipes – online, in books – everywhere. I found Laura’s recipe over at Heavenly Homemakers. It truly is as easy as she says. And it really does work. I followed her recipe exactly as she said to. The yogurt smelled and tasted like the yogurt starter that I used (Stoneyfield cream on top yogurt). The cream cheese was really good and also tasted like cream cheese.

Laura’s Applesauce Bread was delicious. I tried her Mudball recipe and it didn’t turn out for me, but I think I know what I did wrong.

Here is the yogurt, and below would be the cream cheese.

And now, I am going to make my family some popcorn and we are going to watch, um, I am trying to clear my throat, the rest of the Democratic Convention.

Have a blessed and wonderful Labor Day weekend. Be safe and love on your families.

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