For Part I – the Kitchen, go here.

The bedroom is also a place that you will spend a lot of time, but most of it will be sleeping. So your room should be comfortable and not too cluttered. This room should be a little easier to care for. Again you will want to have your daily, weekly and monthly schedule (to remain sane and have a clean house). Here is a sample of mine:


Pick up clutter/Make beds

Dust (including base boards – not that I always do this)
Change sheets
Vacuum floor

Monthly or semi-annually could be to clean the windows and wash the curtains and turn the mattress.

Here is the Flylady’s detailed cleaning list for the bedroom.

Bed making

Go here for exact instructions for how to make a bed. We all have been making our beds for a long time so we just do it how we always have done it. I recently read a book about organization and it said to tuck everything in on the bed. Maybe you do this, but for some reason I haven’t been tucking my top sheet or quilt under the mattress when it hangs longer than the mattress.
So, her suggestion was to tuck everything. It makes everything look neater and it really does. It is a simple suggestion, but it really does help.


Many people advocate that you NOT have a TV in your bedroom. I am of this group. We have had the TV in our bedroom and we have NOT had it in our bedroom. I personally do not like it in there. I like to rest and relax there. It is a personal choice, but you will be a happier couple if you leave the TV out of your room!


If my sisters are reading this they are probably laughing that I would even talk about this. I am so not a decorator. I put decorating off. I buy a picture one month, then hang it the next month and then wait 5 more months to decide what curtains to buy. So I will leave this to the experts. There are many of them.

Dollar Stretcher
The Glam Guide – this was so cute (the picture is above)

So there you have it, a beautiful serene bedroom, it is what Works for Me!

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