So I am sure some of you are wondering why this would be a kitchen tip. Well, because we keep our medicines and vitamins in the kitchen. Some people keep them in the bathroom, but I personally like them here because it is easy to get a glass of water to take your medicine with.

I also keep them in the cabinet above the sink out of reach of little hands. I have been needing to organize these for some time. I had them in a large shoe box which I just took down and picked out the medicine I needed. This got to be a little crazy and time consuming searching for what I needed.

So below is the picture of what the cabinet looks like now. My mother will be so proud.

I have the bigger medicines and vitamins in the basket. I labeled the drawers with allergy relief, acid relief, pain relief and so on.

Lest you think I am an organizing queen (I know you were thinking it, ha!), here is my project for next week – the other side of this cabinet:

This would be my dish washing, kitchen cleaning utensil basket. I’m not quite sure what I am going to do with it yet, but feel free to offer any suggestions!

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