This week we leave for vacation! So I will only be doing 4 meals. Again, using my Master Meals list to plan my week.

Stir Fry/Main Dish Salad/Freezer Meal*Freezer meal

Meat/Poultry**, mashed potatoes, corn and salad – BBQ Glazed chicken, red potatoes, corn and salad

Fish/Lentils/Meatless (Chickpea/black bean burgers) Lentil tacos (we didn’t have them last week yet again)

Italian Night – Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and broccoli

I always try to serve vegetables and some fruit with my meals.

We get most all of our produce from a local organic delivery service and some of it from our own small garden. We get our eggs from my friend’s father-in-law.

For more menu ideas, visit Org Junkie.