I have learned some things since doing my container garden. One is that green peppers do better in the ground than in a container. We planted one in the ground and two in a container and the one in the ground is doing so much better.

Our cucumbers are doing better than I thought. They are growing in a bucket that my husband decided to try. He is growing them upside down. If you look closely you can see one cucumber hanging towards the bottom. I wasn’t sure we would get any.

Our broccoli is coming along. Hopefully no creatures will eat it.

And our tomato plants. They are all doing pretty well. My son and husband were outside last night. My son decided that he was hungry and picked a pretty good size green tomato and took a bite of it.

And if you would like to start your own container garden, there are some things you can plant. Go here and it gives you information as to what to do month by month.

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