I know that I have been marketed to way too much! I just recently started making popcorn on the stove instead of in the microwave. Where have I been all of these years? I thought it would take forever or burn if I made it myself. Well, guess what – it comes out perfect every time and it literally takes about 2 minutes.

In case you don’t know here is what I do (I just use the instructions on the back of the popcorn bag).

I have a pot with a lid. I heat up the pot while I prepare my 1/4 cup of oil. I pour the oil into the pot with ONE popcorn kernel. When that kernel pops I pour enough popcorn to cover the bottom of the pot (a little less if you don’t want a whole pot of popcorn).

I stand there doing something in the kitchen while it pops. Usually, I am holding up my 3 year old son to show him the kernels popping. He thinks this is amazing!

I usually melt some butter while the popcorn is popping. When the popping slows, I pour the popcorn into a big bowl, pour the butter next and add a little salt – and there you go!

Just as easy as microwave popcorn, I know, except you have to dirty up a pot, but come on – it is not that bad! And you saved some money by making it yourself.

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