I have talked about this a little bit, but this year we are doing some container gardening. I have done herbs in the past and we have done tomato plants, but this year we are doing a little more. Here are some pictures:

This is our Burpless cucumber. It’s looking a little droopy but it still seems to be doing well.

Above is our “Better Boy” tomatoes.

Right here is our broccoli, the picture is sideways!This is my neighbor’s cherry tree. She said I could pick off any cherries that I want so I plan to do that because my dad loves cherry cobbler.

This is my husband’s idea. He wanted to try them growing upside down. And, it seems to be working as you can see from the picture below we have some small green tomatoes!

Also, I have to tell you a quick funny story about green tomatoes. My cousin planted tomatoes one year. My grandma said, “Oh good, we can have some fried green tomatoes sometime soon.”
And my cousin said, “I don’t think we planted any green tomatoes.”

Isn’t that hilarious?

Anyway, with having a small yard, so far, container gardening works for us!

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