Cloth Diapers

I used cloth diapers for about two weeks with my first child. I gave up because I didn’t know anything about it. With my second child I did more research and a friend of mine started her own online cloth diapering business. So she taught me a lot, plus a friend of mine at church does cloth diapers as well and she has also helped me out.

So I use cloth diapers very regularly. I do use regular diapers at night although I will try to transition to cloth at night very soon. I don’t have many size mediums so I need to get more.

My favorite brand is Fuzzi Bunz. But I have used Bumkins, Crickett’s diapers, Bum Genius and Haute Pockets.

Many people have written on how to get started. So I won’t do that. I will just tell you that cloth diapering isn’t scary. You don’t have to have $500 to start. I started by buying one or two at a time and using them once a day or so. I gradually got more and started using them more. I bought a diaper bag and put my diapers in there until I wash them.

I have also started using cloth wipes. I still keep regular wipes around for messy poopie diapers.

If you are interested in knowing more there are many resources to tell you about them. I will say this. I really like the All-In-ones best. They are really easy. I also use biodegradable diaper liners which makes them a lot less messy. I read that you can wash and reuse those as well as long as they hold up and I have been doing that.

You can buy used diapers from Craig’s list. Which I have done, just wash them in hot water and you are good to go.

Here is a great post on a cloth diapering system. She actually has several interesting posts on her cloth diapers.

I personally feel really good about using cloth diapers. I am not an environmentalist, but I did get tired of just throwing away diapers. Even if I didn’t pay a lot for them it was still a waste. Cloth diapering really is easy. Seriously, if I can do it honestly anyone can!
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