I have been working on my Master Meal list. So far I am really, really enjoying it. I have everything needed to make any of the meals so I can pick which one we are in the mood for on any given day. I have started to do a cost analysis on the meals as well. I also try new meals on the weekends if time allows, but during the week I have a plan.

Here is a monthly make-up list that I can make up ahead of time to have on hand for the weekly meals:
Monthly Master List Meal make up

4 Homemade pizzas (including homemade dough and sauce)
2 batches of easy breadsticks
1 Lasagna (makes a 9×13 pan size so could actually be two 4 serving meals)
1 Manicotti meal
1 Spinach Pasta Shell (Kelly’s recipe)
4 4-servings of Chicken Fried Rice
16 Mini Pizzas and 12 Calzones
2 Breakfast Casseroles cut into individual servings
2 Baked oatmeal
4 Fruit smoothies (freezer smoothies)
2-4 lbs. Chicken nuggets
2-4 lbs. grilled chicken (portioned) for lunch/dinner salads
This is still a work in progress, but so far it is working out for our family. If you do try your own Master Meals list you can always start small by having roughly the same meal 2-3 days a week. I started by asking my husband what his favorite meals were and if he could have them on a weekly basis. You can always change up one or two things to not make it boring! Let me know if you do try it!
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