Here is this week’s CVS transactions. My husband’s one rule is that I only buy things that we can use. So he was happy with what I bought because we needed diapers and contact solution!

Transaction #1:
3 CVS brand saline contact solutions $2.79 each
3-pack Orbit gum (it’s my favorite) $1.50 each
1 Pert Plus shampoo plus conditioner $2.50
2 Kellog’s Smart Start 2/$5.00
1 Zone bar $1.00
2 Glade Clean Linen Spray $0.97 each
1 Shick Intuition Plus razor $8.88
2 Maybelline Mascara $4.79 each (on sale B1G1)
1 CVS baby wipes $1.99

Coupons Used:
$1.00 off Orbit 3-pack
$1.00 off Pert Plus shampoo (I had a $2.00 off but it was the wrong kind)
$3.00 off of 2 Kellog Smart Start
$1.00 off Zone bar (so that was free)
B1G1 coupon for the Glade spray
$4.00 off Shick Razor
$4.00 off Mascara
$3.00 off of $10.00 CVS coupon
$2.00 off CVS coupon
$1.00 off coupon
$2.79 off because CVS contact solutions were buy 2 get 1 free

Total before coupons: $35.97
Total after Out Of Pocket: $7.79
*I paid $5.97 with my flexible spending account card which you can do with several products at CVS and I used $2.00 of ECB
Total ECB received: $6.00

Transaction #2
1 CVS brand of diapers $7.12
1 Huggies Jumbo diapers $8.62
4 CVS Paper towel roles $.99 each

Coupons used:
$3 off of $15 purchase
$3 off of $10 CVS purchase
$1.50 Huggies coupon

Total before coupons: $19.70
Total OOP: $5.68

Used $6 ECB’s – I got no more back, but I did get two packs of diapers so I will start over next week.