Tonight I hosted our Monthly Cooking Club. I invited my great-aunt over to show us how to make and can strawberry jam (oh so delicious). She came over and explained to us the process of making the jam. She also told us the difference between jelly and jam. Jam has fruit in it and jelly does not. Anyway, she gave us very good instructions. It was so fun getting together and learning! We exchanged meals, corralled children and had a good time of fellowship. Some of the meals that were exchanged included Krista’s Thrown together Black Beans and Chicken w/ Cornbread, Cheesy Garlic Chicken, Tex-Mex Chili Cheese Enchiladas, Sloppy Joes and Pepperoni Lasagna Roll-Ups. Can’t wait to try these!

Here is the strawberries cooking on the stove.

We used small jars. It was funny to hear them pop when they were sealing! Here is the recipe for the strawberry jam:
4 -16 oz cartons of strawberries
8-9 cups of sugar
enough water to make the strawberry mixture about 8-9 cups

This can be altered to make smaller amounts as this makes about 14 half pints of jam.
The important thing to remember is to is to measure equal amounts of strawberry mixture and sugar. Example 1 cup of strawberry mixture needs 1 cup of sugar.

Clean and slice the strawberries into small pieces, or you can mash them with a potato masher. Add a small amount of water to each carton as you slice them. Each carton will yield about 2 cups of strawberries and add a little water to this. Place the strawberry and water mixture in a good thick bottom pot and cook them until the mixture comes to a boil. Let them simmer for about 5 minutes. Measure the correct amount of sugar and add slowly, stirring until mixed well. Once the sugar and strawberry mixture is back to a boil turn the heat down until it is simmering. Cook and time in 10 to 15 minute intervals. Place a small amount in one of your canning jars or a small clear container and place this in the freezer to cool quickly. The jam will begin to thicken after about 45 minutes to an hour. Once it begins to thicken when cooled in the freezer you can start canning. Turn the heat down to just keep the jam hot and begin to fill the canning jars. Be sure there isn’t any liquid on the rim of the jar and then place the flat on and then the ring and tighten. Turn the jars upside down for about 10 minutes and then back right side up. Listen for the “pop”, which means the can is sealed. Once opened, store left overs in the refrigerator.